AIESEC Youth Speak Forum05 March, 2018
On 23rd February, 2018. AIESEC organized a LGBT talk in CUHK.

We, C.H.O.I.C.E, as one of the sponsors of the program, provided condoms and over 150 sets of brochures in order to promote health-related information and instill the concept of safe sex among younger generations.

"Topic of Youth Speak Forum 2018: What more can we do for LGBT equality apart from changing Facebook profile pictures into rainbow flags. This year, we are honored to invite Connie Chan from Amnesty International Hong Kong as our keynotes speaker and five more sophisticated panelists to shed light on the situation of LGBT rights in Hong Kong. The forum provides ample opportunities for participants to voice our their views as well as understanding more on how can we youth, create a more inclusive and equality-embraced society. "

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